Video: July 2017 Issue Preview

Proto-Urban Designs In The ‘Burbs
Creating urban environments in suburban office parks makes it possible for businesses to attract younger workers.

Rediscovering The Urban Milieu
Recapturing neighborhoods and communities is central to new urbanism.

Patience Sustains Developer’s Vision
Careful planning, the right combination of funding, and persistence allow a project to succeed in the face of hurdles.

Fishing For Energy-Efficient Heating
A Weil-McLain boiler system works for an aquaponics farm.

Hand Dryers Clean Up Grand Central
Installing touch-free hand dryers in Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal eliminated paper towel expenses, reduced maintenance costs, and improved the guest experience.

Opening Up To Experience
Window and door selection parallels hospitality industry trends.

Dirty Habit Diners Enjoy Historic View
Historical renovation in the Hotel Monaco DC uses Sage dynamic glass to provide a comfortable view for restaurant occupants.

Unused Space Gets Fit
Ecore outdoor-surface products support fresh-air exercise.

Blending Flooring With Culture
Visual design, environment, and function influence a restaurant flooring choice.

Good Mood with Great Food
LED lighting puts restaurant décor and food in the spotlight.

Creative Lighting Redevelopment
Historical textile mill uses track lighting as it becomes a trendy housing site.

Roofing Tops Tight Schedule
Distribution center TPO roof is applied in winter temperatures using Secure Bond technology.

Put Your BAS In The Cloud
There are several advantages to maintaining building-automation-system data in cloud-based systems, but ask yourself some questions first.

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