3D Imaging Laser Scanning with Matt Wheelis

3D Imaging laser scanning is powerful technology that quickly and accurately acquires and delivers complete measurement data for a facility. Once transferred to CAD, BIM, VR, or AR applications, the resultant point cloud becomes very effective design and communication information that facilitates collaboration between architect, contractor, and owner/developer.


Matt Wheelis is the North American Building Construction Segment Manager at Leica Geosystems, Atlanta.

In this Commercial Conversation podcast, editorial director Gary L. Parr and Matt Wheelis of Leica Geosystems, Atlanta, discuss this technology, how it works, the information it delivers, and how that information is applied. This technology can significantly improve design development and accuracy and can be of particular benefit to small and mid-sized architectural firms.

Matt has more than 20 years of experience in the construction engineering, project management, and technology fields. As Leica Geosystems’ North American Segment Manager, Matt leads the company’s sales and business strategy for building and construction. This encompasses all product lines including Construction Layout and Reality Capture.

Prior to joining Leica, Matt spent more than 10 years in various leadership roles at Autodesk, San Francisco. This included product management and business-strategy responsibilities for a full range of construction solutions for the built asset lifecycle, integrating BIM technologies with project management solutions, and working across multiple functions and teams throughout the organization.

Wheelis holds a B.A. in accounting and a Master’s degree in civil engineering. He began his career on the construction site and has enjoyed participating in the explosion of the construction-related information technology.


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