AHR 2017 New Products

Some new products introduced at the 2017 AHR show, being held Jan. 30 to Feb. 1 in Las Vegas.


A hot-tap tool, designed by McElroy, makes it possible to hot-tap Aquatherm’s polypropylene piping. This tool/technique allows plumbers to install branches to a live service line without service disruption. Aquatherm North America, Lindon, UT


MagnaClean Commercial uses a magnet and drain system to remove iron-oxide sludge from large hydronic systems. Adey USA, Pittsburgh


The RLM Xtreme UV-C system now offers improved operator protection with the addition of a pre-wired, 24-V contact controller that uses a series of interlock switches to de-energize the UV lamps when an access door/panel is opened. UV Resources, Santa Clarita, CA


The VS500 Super Quiet SQ Ductless HRV system for education and office environments provides an efficient mix of pre-heated air without drafts or cold/hot spots. A programmable control adjusts ventilation rates and core bypass volume based on building conditions. Ventacity Systems, Portland, OR


The EME720 7-in. horizontal louver features 56%-free area and combines a continuous-blade architectural appearance with the performance of a wind-driven rain-resistant louver. The louver’s architectural mullion is recessed, notched in the blade, and uses drain pockets to drain water away while contributing to an appearance of one continuous louver. Ruskin Co., Grandview, MO


The Tango parallel sensor-less pump delivers more than 30% energy savings. The hydraulic design is optimized for intelligent variable-speed operation and significant reductions in size and weight provide easy installation and notable space savings. Armstrong Fluid Technology, Toronto


The LG Multi V S lineup now includes 2-ton heat pump and 5-ton heat recovery models designed to provide energy efficiency and the versatility of simultaneous heating and cooling, even in the extreme weather. Expansion of the Multi V S lineup to include a 5-ton heat recovery unit provides for simultaneous cooling and heating capabilities and allows independent control of room temperatures in as many as 12 zones. The units provide automatic changeover between heating and cooling modes. LG Electronics USA, Alpharetta, GA

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