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Ken’s View: Move Over, Millennials

Move over millennials, here comes iGen, Gen Z, or a gaggle of digital natives. Take your pick. For those of you scratching your heads over this proliferation of appellations, those last three are just different monikers applied to the same cohort. Keep in mind, too, that millennials used to be Gen Y before they got …

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Ken’s View: A Tree Grows In The Parking Lot

The term “biophilic design” has gained currency in recent years, but I hope it doesn’t simply come to mean being able to see a scraggly tree in the parking lot. Design concepts, or concepts in general, tend to get dumbed down—although I think “letting the outdoors in” was a bit simple to begin with. It …

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Ken’s View: Walking Into Walls Must Be A Lifestyle

Apple is making architectural news again. It seems employees at Apple Park, the company’s Foster + Partners-designed office building in Cupertino, CA, are walking into walls—glass walls—and are sometimes being injured. The newly opened campus, in addition to being circular, is said to have numerous such glass walls. Some Apple employees are reported to have …

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