Composite Colors Brighten Development

Fade-resistant, minimal-maintenance siding is at home in an apartment complex.

The Jefferson Park Apartments multi-family residential development is clad with Everlast advanced-composite siding from Chelsea Building Products.

The Jefferson Park Apartments in Louisville, KY, is a multi-family residential development clad with 29,120 sq. ft. of Everlast advanced-composite siding from Chelsea Building Products, Oakmont, PA.

The complex comprises two buildings—a two-story with 16 units and a three-story with 24 units—in addition to parking garages for residents. The complex owners chose Everlast siding in three rich colors—Chestnut, Flagstone, and Sand Dune—providing a harmonious blend of natural, cool, and warm tones. The multiple colors complement each other and give the apartments a diverse aesthetic. The project team was able to choose the colors and, since the material requires no caulking or painting, have the siding delivered and ready to install.

The goal was to find an alternative to the fiber-cement siding that the project team had used in the past. Additionally, a product with minimal maintenance was required that was better looking and longer lasting than vinyl siding.

“As owner of the complex and on-site engineer, I chose Everlast for both durability and aesthetics,” said Steve Scott. “For a composite siding product, we really loved the thickness and real cedar appearance.”

With an occasional rinse with a garden hose to maintain its original luster, the material requires minimal maintenance. The siding clads roughly 90% of the complex, excluding the 30-in.-high stone skirt that covers the bottom of the buildings.

The siding is available in two plank sizes, 4 1/2 in. and 6 7/8 in., both providing the natural wood appearance popular with many specifiers. The product also offers superior durability and UV resistance. The siding strength lies in its proprietary composition of inorganic minerals, polymeric resins, and acrylic colorants that provide durability and ease of installation. It is lightweight, so bundles are easy to transport around the jobsite, making it a contractor and crew favorite. The material is safe and easy to cut, without dispersing any clouds of harmful dust.

Available with two trim collections – premium color-matched trim in the same rich colors of the siding, or the white cellular PVC trim used for this project, Everlast is also compatible with many other existing trim products on the market.

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