Contemporary Lighting, Outdoor Dining

Luminis light columns provide an architectural aesthetic.

A former Office Max retail space was transformed into hub of indoor and outdoor dining with attention to lighting the space. Photography: Marcelo Riveros

Located at a busy intersection in Cypress, CA, a former Office Max retail space has been transformed into hub of indoor and outdoor dining. Pasadena, CA-based architectural firm McKently Malak was charged with the redevelopment project focused on attracting restaurants and food offerings to the area. In order to achieve the goal, the firm set about creating an outdoor environment that would entice and encourage diners to visit and linger.

“The aim was to create an organic, comfortable, pedestrian-friendly space,” said Michael Hidalgo, who led the project for McKently Malak. “It had to be somewhere people could relax and enjoy their meal.”

Outside of the 13,700-sq.-ft. building, the architect team created a contemporary space with an urban park feel. Composite wood, metal, and stone materials combine to achieve a modern look. The clean and welcoming space is lined with greenery, and enhanced and illuminated by light columns.

With an extruded-aluminum base and high-impact acrylic diffuser, 12-ft. tall LumiSTIK columns look as good in the daytime as they do after sunset.

The lighting was an important component to bring the ambiance of the entire space together. “The lighting choice was based on two criteria,” explained Hidalgo. “The aesthetic had to work; the lighting columns needed to look elegant and clean. And we needed the functionality; the seated area had to be well illuminated with a color temperature that was kind to the users and the surroundings.”

LumiSTIK columns from Luminis, Pointe Claire, Quebec, provided the look to enhance the space. The product’s clean extruded-aluminum base and high-impact acrylic diffuser provide an architectural aesthetic said to complement any surrounding. Twenty-one LumiSTIK columns were used. Measuring 12-ft. tall, the slim columns and clean design ensure the fixtures look as good in the daytime as they do after sunset.

More than just enhancing the space, the luminaires needed to be functional. The area is busy with diners and the obvious hazards of tables and chairs at every turn, so it was important that the lighting was able to adequately illuminate the area in the evening. Delivering 8,400 lumens from each column, the area is well lit and the 4000 K color temperature provides a soft, warm, and welcoming feel for the evening diners.

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