Curved Ceiling Meets Design Plan

Flex-C Trac heads renovation needs at a car dealership.

Flex-C trac allows creation of curved wall, ceilings, arches, and S-curves.

Kia Motors is on the move in Fort Worth, TX, with a new sales building and service drive. This expansion and renovation help Moritz Kia Fort Worth better serve its customers with more dedicated space.

Binks Construction Inc., Arlington, TX, was the design-builder that worked within corporate design parameters. Binks Construction and the owners selected ceiling products that met design goals with the added bonus of being easy to install.

An expansion and renovation at Moritz Kia Fort Worth used materials from Flex-Ability Concepts to improve interior space.

Armstrong Drywall, Waxahackie, TX, installed 3 5/8 in., 20-gauge Flex-C Trac from Flex-Ability Concepts, Oklahoma City, for a curved ceiling along with EuroStone acoustic ceiling tiles with a 9/16-in. reveal. Flex-C Trac allows creation of high-quality curved walls, ceilings, arches, and S-curves. The product is quickly shaped and simple to use. The track is curved to the desired position and held in place with Hammer-Lock tabs that embed into the web. The track is then fastened to the floor or ceiling. EuroStone, from the company’s distributor network, is an acoustical ceiling tile made from inorganic volcanic stone with no fiber fillers. The sustainable tile’s content gives it a natural alkalinity that does not allow mold or bacteria growth. The tile will not burn or smoke.

“The original building was built in the 1960s, and it was way too small,” said Jim Cappler, with Moritz Kia. “This [expansion] helps our team do its jobs while providing quality services to our customers.”

Binks Construction

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