Low-Voltage, LEDs Meet Sustainable Goals

Synthetic-turf manufacturer lowers its environmental impact.

Metalux Cruze 2-ft. x 4-ft. LED lighting products illuminate the open office area, collaboration area, and private office at USGreentech.

Located in Cincinnati, USGreentech is a company focused on the development and distribution of progressive synthetic-turf infill for the sports-field industry. The company provides innovative and award-winning sustainable solutions including natural, renewable, and recyclable products, and wanted to obtain a lower environmental impact in its new 2,200-sq.-ft. corporate offices.

To achieve the environmental solution, the company wanted the latest LED and controls technology for the facility. The lighting system needed to be energy efficient, include occupancy and daylighting control capabilities, and provide uniform lighting with the fewest number of lighting fixtures. Management also wanted the ability to create scenes to adjust the lighting for different activities in the offices.

Working with Brooks and Sons Remodeling, Cincinnati, company administrators chose Peachtree City, GA-based Eaton Corp.’s Distributed Low-Voltage Power (DLVP) system along with 22 Metalux Cruze 2-ft. x 4-ft. LED lighting products to illuminate the open-office area, collaboration area, and private office.

The DLVP system provides low-voltage power and control in the same cable, simplifying installation and minimizing the material required to install a lighting-and-control system.

The Distributed Low-Voltage Power system uses pre-terminated cabling for plug-n-play connections.

The sustainable solution allows the user the ability to control and program different lighting products based on occupancy and daylighting. The open office and collaborative spaces have manual, occupancy, and daylighting control capabilities and the private office has manual control and occupancy-sensing capabilities.

When comparing installation cost, the low-voltage wiring system saved 67% in labor man-hours compared to a traditional overlay installation, which could require miles of high-voltage wiring to a system. The Eaton plug-and-play system took one electrician less than a day to install in the space—from running the wire to the low-voltage power module and connecting all the fixtures.

“The lighting is one of the things that visitors comment on most frequently. The space is bright and the lighting levels consistent throughout the space no matter the time of day,” said Adam Coleman, general manager, USGreetech. “The system also powers down when the space isn’t being used, which is a constant reminder that the system is watching out for the energy efficiency of the space even when we are not. The ability to create scenes allows the lighting to be easily adjusted based on the activity in the space.”

Minimizing line-voltage wiring and terminations, the DLVP system uses pre-terminated cabling for plug-n-play connections. The result is a system that installs quickly, eliminates wiring errors, and is configured by the installer.

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