Mixed-Use Structures Provide A View

The Point Verde luxury apartments make extensive use of window products to achieve LEED Gold certification.

The design objective of the Point Verde luxury apartment complex was to use glass extensively to provide a maximum number of views for occupants.

Simplistic and modern, the Verde Point apartments immediately catch the eye of passersby. Located in Arlington, VA, the community consists of two buildings. One is 10-stories tall and houses 162 apartments. The other is a low building that features a parking garage, grocery store, and 38 residential units. Opened in June 2015, the apartment complex was built to solve a rising need for living spaces in the vicinity of the Courthouse Metro Station.

“The Courthouse Metro Station creates a demand for close-proximity residential buildings,” said Tony Gosetti of Antunovich Associates, Washington and Chicago, architect for the project. “We wanted to be a part of this growing demand by creating a structure that would please neighboring residents and fulfill amenity needs for the area.”

Gosetti, inspired by the surrounding cityscapes of neighboring Alexandria, VA, and Washington, designed the tower to offer residents panoramic views from their living spaces. Striving to meet LEED Gold certification, while still incorporating a large amount of glass as a way to capture maximum scenic viewing, he specified energy-efficient solutions for the project.

The Point Verde mixed-use complex achieved LEED Gold certification.

“The Alexandria and Washington areas possess such distinct sights,” stated Gosetti. “We selected windows from YKK AP (Austell, GA) that would not only showcase these views, but also enhance the building design.”

To meet efficiency and aesthetic intent, the project team used a variety of YKK products. The YES SSG TU vent windows seamlessly coordinated with the window wall, making it practically invisible from a distance. The project also used the YCW 750 OGP curtain wall on the tall openings of the grocery store on the building’s ground floor, again reducing energy consumption. Installation of the YOW 225 TU operable windows, 350T terrace doors, and YWW 50T window wall system also increased efficiency.

“As an architect, it’s important that we are designing structures that are not only innovative in design,” said Gosetti, “but also demonstrate how sustainability measures can be incorporated.”

To date, feedback from neighbors has been overwhelmingly positive. The building has provided a much-needed modern update to the area and alleviated the need for a standalone neighborhood grocery store and new residential living spaces.

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