Ballistic barriers

Pro-Tact ballistic barriers are said to integrate discreetly into any environment while providing added safety and security for areas such as lobbies, checkpoints, or workspaces. Panels, in stationary and mobile models, and all joint connections in the stationary model are UL 752 Level 7 and 8 certified and independently tested to NIJ Level 3. The panels are bi-directional and contain a high-hardness steel core coated with 100% polyuria elastomer to lesson ricochet, spall, and splatter. The products meet ASTM E-84 Class A and are Greenguard certified for indoor air quality. Standard heights and widths for stationary panels range from 4 ft. x 2 ft. to 6 ft. x 4 ft. and can be joined in 45- or 90-deg. Angles or in-line (straight) configurations.

Claridge Products, Harrison, AR
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