Boiler series

NFC series stainless-steel fire-tube combi-boilers are available in two sizes, NFC-175 (175,000 Btu/hr.) and NFC-200 (199,900 Btu/hr.), each providing 95% AFUE, 11:1 turndown ratio, PVC venting to 150 ft., high-altitude approval to 10,100 ft. The units use a low-profile burner for ease of service, advanced controls offering intuitive user navigation, a built-in DHW module (pump, flat-plate heat exchanger, 3-way valve, mixing valve, water adjustment valve and auto water fill valve), common venting capability to 8 units, cascading capability to 16 units, and built-in hardware to connect as many as three zone pumps without a need for additional external controllers.

Navien, Irvine, CA
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