Dimming room controller

1606build01apWattstopper LMRC-110 series digital room controllers are a 0- to 10-V line said to simplify code-mandated multi-level control requirements and building integration. Capabilities and options include knockout mounting for installation and wiring, Class 1 pigtails and Class 2 terminals for 0 to 10 V, galvanic isolation between Class 1 and 2 connections, and tie-down loop for low-voltage cable strain relief. The products are compatible with all DLM system products. The series allows integration of Wattstopper occupancy sensors, daylighting sensors, and switches and has Plug n’ Go and Push n’ Learn for automatic configuration. The product meets California Title 24 requirements and exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 (2010)/IECC (2012) for occupancy and dimming control in commercial applications.

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