Enterprise-wide lighting control

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Sapphire 7-in. wall-mount LCD capacitive touchscreen controller is a customizable graphical interface for controlling lighting within a facility. The system has an 800 x 480 WVGA backlit screen with 24-bit color display, 130 x 110-deg. viewing angle, and a low-profile design in multiple finishes. The system’s PC-based editor allows the intuitive addition and configuration of user interface pages for each control grouping within a room or facility. Users can set up administrative functions, establish channel and group-level control functionality, set fade levels and fade time-outs, combine and separate room control, and brighten or dim light levels. Sapphire integrates with the company’s GreenMAX, Sector, and Dimensions systems for applications including restaurants, hospitality, conference rooms, and theaters.

Leviton, Melville, NY
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