High-resolution infrared cameras

IR Flexcam 320 series includes the Pro320 and T320 models. Both models incorporate the company’s 25-µm, 320 x 240, uncooled vanadium oxide (vox) microbolometer sensor and a 5-in. display. The cameras come standard with SmartView software, a complete suite of powerful analysis, management, and reporting tools. The intuitive software is easy-to-use and offers flexibility for generating and customizing professional reports and analyzing IR images. Pro320 features temperature measurement range as high as 600 C; programmable image capture; image-browsing capabilities; eight color palettes; and 2X, 4X, and 8X digital zoom. T320 offers most of the same features as Pro320, but with reduced costs and capabilities, such as a –20 to 350 C temperature range and 2X zoom.
Infrared Solutions Inc., Minneapolis, MN

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