Multi-criteria smoke detector

Signature Optica multi-criteria smoke detector uses a next-generation sensor said to better distinguish the type of fire and the danger it creates, as well as reducing nuisance alarms. The unit has received certification to the UL standard for Fire Alarm Systems UL 268, 7th edition, set to take effect May 2020. The detector differentiates between truly threatening fast-flaming or smoldering fires and nuisances such as burning food or steam. The device may also improve overall occupant safety, as commercial buildings typically contain furnishings comprising synthetic materials such as polyurethane foam that are known to ignite and burn faster than traditional materials. As particles enter the detector’s chamber, the size of the particles is analyzed by a series of algorithms and consolidated into ratios to determine if the particles stem from a real fire or a nuisance source.

Edwards, Bradenton, FL
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