Solar heating/snow melt

1607ext03pThermaPanel melts snow on exterior surfaces using low-temperature heat sources such as geothermal, waste, stored thermal energy, or high-efficiency conventional heat sources. Panels are installed under pavement. Heat-exchange fluid is pumped through the panels in turbulent flow channels to create even energy transfer. In warm months, the system collects thermal solar energy for heating swimming pools, domestic water, or industrial uses. The modular units install under sidewalks, plazas, rooftop patios, driveways, or roads. Rooftop pedestal-mounted panels can be used with 2×2-ft. pavers or stones. The surface-mounted version can be used with pavers, brick, flagstone, poured concrete, or asphalt surfaces. Panels are joined to form parallel rows with induction-welded PE-RT tubing eliminating the need for mechanical connections.

Therma-Hexx Corp., Portsmouth, NH
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