Sound-absorbing luminaires

The Absorb line of sound-absorbing luminaires reduces sound in open spaces and areas with high ceilings while providing functional illumination. Aircraft-cable mounted, the product is available in two distinct shapes. Absorb H has horizontal sound-absorbing panels, and Absorb V has vertical panels. The felt-like polyester panels are made from at least 40% post-consumer recycled PET bottles and are fully recyclable. With a large surface area, the panels decrease reverberation time and are said to have an inherent sound-absorption rate of 0.75 NRC.

The linear luminaire is available in three distribution types: direct/indirect symmetric, direct/indirect symmetric wide, and direct symmetric. Light output ranges from 335 lm/ft. to 460 lm/ft. for the standard output version, and 670 lm/ft. to 921 lm/ft. for the high output version, depending upon distribution type. The luminaire uses HE Tech optical technology, which combines optical diffusion and a high-performance reflector to deliver refined, high-quality light.

It is available in nominal increments of 2-ft. lengths, in three standard panel colors, and three standard finishes as well as other colors.

A-Light, Oceanside, CA
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