Thermally broken curtain wall

The YUW 750 TU thermally broken curtain wall offers design freedom through the captured or structural silicone-glazed options offered. The captured frame features a 2 1/2-in. sightline while the 4-side structural silicone glazed-frame has zero sightline, creating a sleek modern look. Both framing options offer a high level of structural soundness. The curtain wall has a U-value of 0.41 or less, and integrates with sunshades to achieve even greater sustainable performance. The ThermaBond+ process enhances the adhesion of polyurethane material to aluminum extrusions, which significantly improves adhesion and prevents dry shrinkage. In the case of extreme surface temperature (180 F) the thermal movement avoids buckling stresses on glass, joint seal failure, undue stress on structural elements, damaging loads on fasteners, and performance reduction.

YKK AP America Inc., Austell, GA
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