VRF systems for light, mid-size applications

Airstage J-IIIL heat pumps in the VRF system line, for light to mid-sized applications, have a compact, slim design suited for limited installation space. Front-facing fans and a compact chassis permit the outdoor unit to be installed in narrow spaces, whether ground- or wall-mounted. Quiet operation ensures that building occupants are not disturbed. Six, eight, and ten-ton heat-pump systems are available. As many as 30 indoor units can be connected to the 10-ton outdoor condensing unit. Thirteen different types of indoor units are compatible, with capacities from 4,000 to 96,000 Btuh. Advanced refrigerant technology allows systems to reach a total refrigerant piping length of 1,312 ft., while the height difference between indoor and outdoor units can be as much as 164 ft. External static pressure is available to 0.24in. W.G (60Pa).

Fujitsu General America, Fairfield, NJ
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