Weatherization for open siding

The UV-rated open-joint cladding system includes InvisiWrap UV, HydroFlash UV+, and Batten UV. InvisiWrap UV is an unprinted, high-performance black nonwoven building wrap. The product is matte black to avoid competing with other visual elements of open-joint architecture. It reportedly provides superior water hold out, ideal vapor permeability, and durability. InvisiWrap UV can be used with siding openings of as much as 2 in. and has a UV of rating to 12 mo. before siding installation. HydroFlash UV+ self-adhered flashing uses an aggressive acrylic adhesive for extreme environmental conditions. The product can be used for keeping penetration flashing and covering furring strips invisible behind open joints. Batten UV creates a 3/8-in. rainscreen gap for optimum drainage and drying.

Benjamin Obdyke Inc., Horsham, PA
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