On The Right Track To Water Conservation

Los Angeles’ iconic Union Station uses a range of Sloan products to update restroom facilities.

With 50,000 to 100,000 people passing through Los Angeles’ Union Station on a daily basis, restroom water efficiency and hygiene are paramount. Jon Miller Architectural Photography

Known as the “last of the great train stations,” Los Angeles Union Station has stood as one of Los Angeles’ architectural icons since 1939. While operating purely as a train station for many years, the station has evolved to become more than a place that people simply pass through, but a destination. Now, complete with art exhibitions, live music, and fine dining, Los Angeles Union Station has become just that.

With 50,000 to 100,000 people passing through the station on a daily basis, water efficiency and hygiene are paramount. While the train station had installed Sloan Valve Co. (Franklin Park, IL, sloan.com) Royal Flushometers years earlier, the addition of more of the company’s water-saving products in the facility’s public and private restrooms played a part in the station’s transformation.

ECOS Flushometers reduce water volume as much as 30% with their dual-flush or single-flush high-efficiency option. Hands-free sensor operations in the station’s water closets promote hygiene in the bustling facility. Buttons on top of the flush valve allow manual flushing with a standard or reduced flush at restroom users’ discretion. Fixed metering bypass and no external volume adjustment ensure water conservation.

Restrooms use a variety of hand-free and eco-friendly products from Sloan.
Jon Miller Architectural Photography

G2 Flushometers provided similar benefits when the train station—listed on the National Register of Historic Places—decided to retrofit its existing Royal Flushometers on its urinals. With it hands-free operation, the G2 advanced electronic flushometers automatically operate by means of an infrared sensor for high and low target detection. User friendly, the units have a 3-sec. flush delay and Courtesy Flush override button and are available in low-consumption, water-saver, and high-efficiency models.

Optima faucets were also installed in station restrooms. The touch-free, sensor-activated line provides efficient water savings. Finishes available include brushed nickel, polished brass, brushed stainless steel, and the polished chrome chosen for Union Station as the train station continues its trend toward automatic restroom applications.

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