Video: May 2017 Issue Preview

Caring For The Caregivers​​
Focusing attention on the needs of caregivers benefits patients and healthcare staff.​

Preservation And Expansion On Capitol Hill​​
More than two centuries of history, as well as modern amenities, lie behind the façade of a Washington landmark.​

Throwing Interiors To The Wolves​​
Great Wolf Lodge resort uses key design elements to enhance the family vacation destination experience.​

Lantern Ceiling Warms Etihad Airways Lounge​​
Geometric design reflects shapes found in Arabian architecture and delivers warm, diffused light to a JFK airport lounge.​

Design-Assist Prescription Expands Hospital​​
Teamwork approach keeps workflow on time for a St. Louis expansion and renovation.​

LED Fixtures “Connect” Malls​​
Lighting design plays a significant role in a building that joins two malls in the King of Prussia Mall complex.​

LED Solutions Help Clinch Platinum LEED​​
Corporate offices use Eaton’s lighting and controls solutions to up their environmental game.​

Mixed-Use Structures Provide A View​​
The Point Verde luxury apartments make extensive use of window products to achieve LEED Gold certification.​

Window Solution Diminishes Train Noise​​
Installing inner windows in the historic Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, CA, greatly reduced noise that was driving customers away.​

Rooftop Tankless Water Heaters Help Trendy Culinary Center​​
A cutting-edge food emporium locates water-heaters on the roof to track tenant fuel consumption.​

In Hot Water For Lack Of Hot Water​​
At the Kansas City airport Marriott, it’s digital mixing to the rescue.​

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