In The May Issue

Caring For The Caregivers
Focusing attention on the needs of caregivers benefits patients and healthcare staff.

Preservation And Expansion On Capitol Hill
More than two centuries of history, as well as modern amenities, lie behind the façade of a Washington landmark.

Throwing Interiors To The Wolves
Great Wolf Lodge resort uses key design elements to enhance the family vacation destination experience.

The Architects Podcast

Tactical Infill Adds Multifamily Value

One of the missing links in many U.S. cities is the need for new infill housing and mixed-use developments—smaller, neighborhood-scaled buildings that help fill in the gaps in many urban blocks. In places such as Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Houston, these small and medium-scale buildings are missing from the cityscape. Instead, we’re left with gap-toothed blocks that lack continuity and grace. Smart, friendly infill projects not only make economic use of those gaps, but they also make our cities more walkable, livable, vibrant, and resilient.

Learn more about infill-type mixed-use projects and the role they can play in urban environments in our interview with Studio Ma's Jason Boyer.