This image of the SIPCO warehouse shows the difference in heat introduction (upper left panel) between a TDD and a 400 W metal-halide lamp. The upper right panel shows the light-delivery difference between the to devices.

Does Brighter Mean Hotter?

It’s a tough challenge to balance daylight with the heat that accompanies it. This tradeoff often comes with the price tag of increased energy costs to cool the space. (more…) More »

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Healthcare Puts Demands On Fixtures
Constant use, exposure to harsh chemicals, and the need to be germ free make choosing the correct healthcare plumbing a priority.

Materials Create Honest Expression In High School
Metal paneling and roofing from Fabral intentionally mimic the corrugated metal often seen on agricultural buildings in the rural area.

Lighting Makes, Breaks Retail Experiences
Technologies exist, but understanding how best to use them may lag behind developments.

Building-Management Lessons From Data Centers

Kevin Callahan, Alerton

Optimizing facility energy use isn’t limited to large, cavernous buildings.

By Kevin Callahan, Alerton

Although the humongous data centers operated by Internet titans such as Facebook seem to have little in common with other commercial facilities, they offer valuable lessons in effectively using building-management systems (BMS).

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