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Proto-Urban Designs In The ‘Burbs
Creating urban environments in suburban office parks makes it possible for businesses to attract younger workers.

Patience Sustains Developer’s Vision
Careful planning, the right combination of funding, and persistence allow a project to succeed in the face of hurdles.

Rediscovering The Urban Milieu
Recapturing neighborhoods and communities is central to new urbanism.

The Architects Podcast

Proto-Urban Designs In The ‘Burbs

Businesses of most sizes and types thrive on the availability of talented people. Increasingly, that talent pool is dominated by the generation referred to as Millennials, or Generation Y, soon to be joined by the post-Millennial Generation Z members, who are just now coming of age. These younger demographics characteristically prefer to live and work in urban environments, which offer the highly integrated social atmosphere and density of social activity and amenities that suit their preferred lifestyles. But office space in these cities can be very expensive. Can emerging companies compete for top recruits in the suburbs?

Learn more about creating urban environments in the suburbs in our interview with Joshua Zinder, Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design.