In The September Issue

Healthcare Embraces Sustainability
There are many arguments for healthcare facilities to pursue green standards.

An Epic Team Effort
A five-year collaboration restored the Georgia white-marble exterior of the historic Minnesota State Capitol Building.

Integrated Design Delivers Branded Workplaces
Multidimensional branding concepts help recruit/retain talent and surrounds employees with an internal marketing message that reinforces innovation.

The Architects Podcast

Integrated Design Delivers Branded Workplaces

Only a decade or two ago, spending on brand expression was concentrated on product design and marketing collateral. Now it’s about competing for talent, market share, and customer affinity. For one global technology client, its newly designed offices strategically capitalize on its roots as a garage-based startup. To leverage this appeal, the solution integrates interior architecture with branded graphics to celebrate the culture of the technology-startup community.

Learn more about branded workplace design in our interview with Brian Koshley.