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Celebrating Architectural Photography
Beautiful architecture should be shared. Sharing it requires a skilled photographer who knows how to use light, composition and equipment to bring out the best in a design.

School Offices Need Corporate Designs
Walled offices and cubicle farms are no longer an effective use of university back-office spaces.

Food Shopping Redefined
Changing food preferences and shopping habits are reshaping grocery stores.

The Architects Podcast

School Offices Need Corporate Designs

Should universities seek leaders with a significant business background? This question comes up frequently as some trustees seek corporate resumes to head their colleges. It raises a related notion: Are universities best operated like a big business? Opinions differ on this highly charged topic, but one thing is clear: Institutions of higher education spend billions on back-office operations. On most campuses, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education website, essential administrative spaces account for as much as a quarter of a school’s total square footage.

Learn more about effective use of back-office facilities in our podcast with Rachel Woodhouse.