In The October Issue

Responsive Facilities Meet Higher-Ed Challenges
Carefully planned additions and strategic expansions better serve a diverse and value-oriented generation of students.

Dynamic Glass Transforms Dining Experience
SageGlass showcases 360-deg. Los Angeles views.

Garden Comes To Life With Outdoor LEDs
Path lighting from Auroralight brightens a century-old garden.

Featured Webinar

Natural Interior Daylight: Decisions & Results

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.06.01 PM

Eneref Institute examined the decisions and results of several lighting system installations that combined Sunoptics Prismatic skylights and LED lighting with daylight harvesting controls. From extensive interviews of all stakeholders, Eneref Institute offers a quick overview web forum of the multiple decision processes needed to achieve their successful results. Learn the obstacles and challenges overcome by architects, engineers and facility managers and why each stakeholder rated the final outcomes of their projects with high marks.

Click here to watch the webinar, or here for a video preview.