In The June Issue

Mixed Use Comes Of Age
Architects and developers are re-imagining mixed-use ventures to better meet changing demands and preferences.

Living And Learning At Clemson
The university’s revitalized core campus is a progressive approach to residential housing, dining venues, and academic space.

Modular Approach Curbs Data Center Energy Use
Using small modular cooling blocks that can be scaled to actual IT use results in 90% energy efficiency.

The Architects Podcast

Good Architecture Makes The Invisible Visible

Is great architecture invisible? Depending on the project type, end-user studies by firms such as HOK and researchers at Univ. of California, Berkeley, show that at least 50% of a building’s perceived and actual performance is entirely unseen. Whether it’s acoustics, workplace/learning technology, or security and life-safety systems, key elements that shape end-user experience can often be difficult to discern at first glance.

Learn more about invisible architecture and the impact it can have on project success in our interview with Victoria J. Cerami, CEO, Cerami & Associates, Inc.