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Old Buildings, Creative Solutions
No single strategy exists when it comes to buildings with historic character.

Maximum Space From A Tight Fit
Innovative design, engineering, and construction practices combined to deliver the one-of-a-kind 150 North Riverside tower.

The Art of Moisture Protection
A self-adhering air- and water-barrier protects Canadian art collection from the elements.

The Architects Podcast

Designs Pump Life Into Main Street Retail

With the rise of suburban shopping malls, followed by the boom in big-box stores and the advent of online retail, it’s easy to conceive that Main Street retail is under attack. Some municipalities have experimented with restaurant-only redevelopment of their downtown areas, but these have been shown to be remarkably vulnerable to economic downturns. Successful retail options are, it would seem, vital to a thriving town center.

Learn more about designing brick-and-mortar stores to attract customers.