In The December Issue

New Expectations And Aspirations
Regard for the past, healthy environments, new educational theories, and authentic experiences all influenced architecture and design in 2017.

Boutique Is A Complex, Dream-Like Space
Streetwise fashion brand opens flagship store in West Hollywood.

Colors Comfort Sick Kids
The new Univ. of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital greets patients with an array of 36 colors designed to dispel anxiety.

The Architects Podcast

VR Delivers New Level of Design

Less than a year ago this design firm acquired a virtual-reality (VR) technology system, which took residence in one of their studio’s precious few conference rooms. While this means it’s now more difficult to use the room for meetings, the space has arguably become more valuable. VR has quickly become a vital part of their design process.

Learn more about using virtual reality in the design process and how to effectively involve clients in our interview with Lynn Brotman and Katherine Berger.