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Commercial Architecture's Photo Issue 2018
Beautiful architecture should be shared. Sharing it requires a skilled photographer who knows how to use light, composition, and equipment to bring out the best in a design. Commercial Architecture’s editors are pleased to present a collection of excellent architectural images from 11 very talented photographers.

Deliver Value To Cultural Facilities
For cultural organizations with tight budgets, such as community theaters, strategic and cost-effective renovations boost capacity and open doors to long-term success.

Featured Webinar

Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance

August 22, 2018 | 2 p.m. ET

This course will clarify the regulations, codes, and standards as they relate to sustaining foundations in flood hazard areas, as well as analyze the role of building compliance in lowering flood insurance rates and what mitigation solutions are available to existing structures.

In addition, this course will focus on the potential hazards to buildings located in floodplains, the differences between wet floodproofing and dry floodproofing techniques and when they are applicable, and the differences between engineered and non-engineered flood openings and their ability to ensure resilient structures.

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