In The January Issue

Linking Public And Private Spaces
Mixed-use developers address changing demographics to create communities where none existed.

Renovated Sound Studio Strikes A Chord
The renovation of the historic RCA Victor Studio in Montreal preserves heritage.

Tackling Noise In Healthcare Settings
Noise may affect patient outcomes and can be traced to a variety of sources in hospitals.

The Architects Podcast

These Solutions Deliver Better Interiors

Building owners don’t love pop-up tenants—the temporary retail installations that occupy storefronts and other spaces before long-term leases are signed—but increasingly they really like them a lot. Think about their quandary: Should retail spaces sit empty for months on end, a sign that the property is somehow less than desirable, or maybe overpriced? Or, why not invite a big charity or a hip chef or artist, or perhaps even a fashion label to take over for a short while, drawing attention and activating the sidewalk out front?

Learn more about pop-up architecture and the process behind it.