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Airports Compete for Traveler Satisfaction
Dining, shopping, and entertainment, not just air travel, await passengers at today’s terminals.

New York Office Turns On Contemporary Vibe
Designed by Montroy Andersen DeMarco, the World Economic Forum headquarters achieves LEED Platinum certification.

Tradition And Modernity Meet At Hotpot Restaurant
Fabricoil adds layers of translucency to dining space.

The Architects Podcast

Preserve For Maximum Sustainability

Building construction and operation are major contributors to global warming. A 2016 report from the EPA shows that commercial and residential building operations account for 11% of all greenhouse-gas emissions in the U.S. Good design is green design, and architects have a responsibility to share best practices, including repurposing and upgrading existing buildings. There is almost unlimited potential in adaptive reuse and redevelopment, and rehabilitating historical buildings represents one of the most sustainable approaches to the design and construction of built space available to us, for several reasons.

Learn more about restoring historical structures in our interview with John Lesak.