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More Than Just An Open Office
People-centered design and new work habits and attitudes shape evolving office plans.

Impact Products Reject Hurricane Fury
Window and door codes, technologies, and designs are keeping today’s buildings intact and dry when extreme weather attacks.

An Atmosphere For Acoustics
Custom baffles add striking color and acoustic control for a downtown showroom.

The Architects Podcast

Digital Tools Keep You Competitive

As digital technology evolves at breakneck speed, the emergence of new design tools has opened valuable horizons for architects. In fact, architecture and design firms often feel immense pressure to adapt and adopt—or lose out on new opportunities. Adding to the challenge, many firms report a lack of clarity as to which tools are most important and most likely to have enduring value. This is especially true for smaller firms: the time invested into researching the market and adapting practice structures and project workflows to building information modeling (BIM), for example, is a significant and unbillable expense.

Learn more about digital-design technology in our interview with Casey Mahon.