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2023 Stirling Prize Awarded To John Morden Centre By Mae In London

The Royal Institute of British Architects 2023 Stirling Prize awarded to John Morden Centre by Mae in Blackheath, London. The country's new 'Best New Building' award was given to the 22-year-old firm's redesign of the senior care facility located on the site of Grade I-listed Morden College.

George Evans
Oct 24, 20232555 Shares91233 Views
The 2023 Stirling Prize awarded to John Morden Centreby the Royal Institute of British Architects by Mae in Blackheath, London.
The 22-year-old firm's redesign of the elder care facility on the site of Grade I-listed Morden College won the country's new "Best New Building" award. The original design for Morden College dates back to the 1690s and is thought to have been made by Sir Christopher Wren, who was the most famous architect of that time.

2023 Stirling Prize Awarded To John Morden Centre

John Morden Centre by Mae
John Morden Centre by Mae
The RIBA Stirling Prize for 2004 went to the John Morden Center in London, which was designed by the UK firm Mae Architects. What the Stirling Prize judges called "a place of joy and inspiration" is now a daycare center for the seniors who live in Morden College. This is the first time that Mae Architects has won the UK's highest award. They were also in the running for the award last year.
This year, the project won a number of important awards. For example, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stirling gave this care home to the residents of Morden College, a retirement community in Blackheath, London, UK. The focus is on the need to provide a good response to how we will live as our life expectancy rises.
A day center was designed by Mae Architects for the residential charity Morden College. Morden College was founded by rich merchant John Morden in the 1600s to house poor and "decayed" sailors. The cross-laminated timber (CLT) and brick buildings have medical and social facilities. It fits in with other buildings on the university grounds that are on the list of historic sites, such as an asylum and a chapel designed by Sir Christopher Wren, the builder of London's St. Paul's Cathedral. The best defense.
The center is actually a necklace made up of a number of red brick "pavilions" that house different social and service areas. The big chimneys on the "pavilions" make them look interesting next to the 17th-century buildings that are nearby. The link is made by a covered path or "cloister" made of wood that is covered with zinc.
The award has been given since 1996 and is meant to honor the UK's best building plans. Mae Architects' project was chosen from a group of six finalists, and it was also in the running for last year's award. This is their first win for the UK's top prize.
There were five people on the RIBA Stirling Prize 2023 jury: Niall McLaughlin (Founder and Principal at Niall McLaughlin Architects and winner of the 2022 RIBA Stirling Prize); Armstrong Yakubu (Senior Partner at Foster + Partners); Mona Chalabi (writer and journalist); and Marek Suchocki (Head of Industry Associations Strategy at Autodesk, sponsor of the 2023 RIBA Stirling Prize). Ellen van Loon was the chairperson. Rachael Owens, who is Head of Sustainability at Buckley Gray Yeoman, was the Sustainability Expert for the judges. Ellen van Loon, partner at OMA and member of the RIBA Stirling Prize panel, said:
The John Morden Centre is a place of joy and inspiration. It sensitively and seamlessly integrates medical facilities and social spaces, delivering a bold and hopeful model for the design of health and care centres for the elderly.- Ellen van Loon
Creating an environment that lifts the spirits and fosters community is evident at every turn and in every detail.- Ellen van Loon
This building provides comfort and warmth, with thoughtful features designed to prevent isolation. It illustrates how buildings can themselves be therapeutic - supporting care and instilling a sense of belonging.- Ellen van Loon
Great architecture orients people so they can thrive, and this building is exemplary at achieving exactly that.- Ellen van Loon
At a ceremony at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on October 19, 2023, the winners of the Stephen Lawrence Prize, the Neave Brown Award for Housing, the RIBA Reinvention Award, and the Client of the Year Award were also named. The winner of the Stirling Prize was also announced.

Final Words

The RIBA - Royal Institute of British Architects - said that Mae's design for the John Morden Center in London won the RIBA Stirling Prize 2023. The prestigious award, which has been given since 1996, is meant to recognize the best architectural work in the UK. The winner of the annual award is chosen from a group of six finalists based on their design vision, innovation, originality, and ability to connect with and delight the people who live or visit the project.
This residential and nursing home is 300 years old, but it has been updated with new treatment rooms, a hair studio, a nail bar, a place for events, and wellness areas. The John Morden Centre won the 27th RIBA Stirling Prize as the best building in the UK. The judges praised its use of social spaces and dedication to design for health and care.
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