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Anthony Timberlands Center Receives Two Accolades At The World Architecture Festival

Anthony Timberlands Center receives two accolades at the World Architecture Festival. The University of Alberta's Anthony Timberlands Center for Design and Materials Innovation has earned two international accolades from the World Architecture Festival 2023.

George Evans
Jul 18, 20231809 Shares58359 Views
Anthony Timberlands Center receives two accoladesat the World Architecture Festival. The University of Alberta's Anthony Timberlands Center for Design and Materials Innovation has earned two international accolades from the World Architecture Festival 2023.
The project received the WAFX award for Building Technology and is one of nine projects shortlisted for the Future Projects: Education category.
The World Architecture Festival honors follow on the heels of worldwide recognition presented by The Architectural Review this spring, when the Anthony Timberlands Center was designated the AR Future Projects Awards 2023 Overall Winner and Education Category Winner.
The Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design is building a new research facility in the university's Art and Design District on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in south Fayetteville.
The World Architecture Festival is the world's largest awards program and conference devoted to discussing and honoring the most recent architectural achievements. It is the only awards program in which all finalists present their projects live during the festival to a panel of judges.
World Architecture Festival logo
World Architecture Festival logo
The WAFX award recognizes the world's most innovative architectural concepts and is given to future projects that identify important difficulties that architects will face in the next years.
This year's winners were chosen by the judges as exceptional examples of projects that address the major concerns confronting architecture, society, and the earth. Grafton Architects of Dublin, Ireland, collaborated with Fayetteville-based Modus Studio to build the Anthony Timberlands Center.
Grafton Architects co-founders Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara have been named the 2020 recipients of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, widely regarded as architecture's top prize.
The architects presented the Anthony Timberlands Center proposal to an international audience in early July during the 2023 World Congress of Architects, the world's largest event on sustainable building, held in Copenhagen, Denmark by the International Union of Architects.
With construction visibly in progress, the Anthony Timberlands Center is now progressing into view and appreciation by regional, national and international audiences. The University of Arkansas and the state of Arkansas are becoming well known for their commitment to design excellence and to innovative approaches to design and construction in timber and wood.- Peter MacKeith, dean of the Fay Jones School
This regional center will concentrate on the research and development of novel wood products as well as new approaches to sustainable building materials. The structure serves as a model of mass timber and wood product construction, with the ultimate goal of educating and inspiring design students about the various ways wood can be utilized in architecture while also helping Arkansas' timber economy.
The new center will house the Fay Jones School's graduate program in timber and wood, as well as act as a hub for the school's other timber and wood programs, including the prototyping of affordable housing.
It will accommodate the existing design-build curriculum at the school as well as an enhanced digital fabricationfacility. The center will serve the greater good of Arkansas by expanding on the Fay Jones School's and the University of Arkansas's swift and fruitful commitment to sustainability and the burgeoning innovative timber economy.
Arkansas is particularly positioned to respond to the local, national, and worldwide trend toward the use of wood in building and other sectors due to its significance in timber production, the research quality of its state university system, and the national renown of the Fay Jones School.
The four-story, 44,800-square-foot Anthony Timberlands Center, which will be located in the university's Art and Design District, will feature a fabrication shop as its largest and most active area.
A huge center bay will be included, as well as a metal workshop, lecture room, and small digital lab, as well as a specialized place for a large CNC router. These areas will be supplied by an overhead crane that will operate on rails outside the building to transfer huge equipment and assemblies in and out.
There will also be studios, seminar and conference rooms, faculty offices, a small auditorium, and a public display area inside the center. The Aubra H. Anthony Sr. "Lumberman" Woodland Gardens within the facility include two covered outdoor teaching terraces and a 12,000-square-foot pedestrian plaza.
The plaza, known as Anthony Way, will be positioned on the center's western side. This section will have a grove of softwood and hardwood trees of the same species that are native to the state and are frequently utilized in manufacturing and building.

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Collectively, the building, the programs it houses, and the collaborative relationships it fosters will be extremely beneficial to students' architectural education, revealing a layered and nuanced series of embedded relationships, resulting in an expanded understanding of sustainability that goes beyond embodied energy and carbon sequestration to address broader economic development for rural communities.
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