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Best Lotion For Masturbation For You And Your Manhood

Are you looking for the best lotion for masturbation that is gentle to your manhood? If yes, I will give you the top 5 finest lotions as well as the reviews from Amazon, the largest online store in the world and a major cloud service provider. Some people think it's a good idea to use lotion when masturbating.

George Evans
Nov 07, 202265 Shares1476 Views
Are you looking for the best lotion for masturbationthat is gentle to your manhood? If yes, we will give you the top 5 finest lotions as well as the reviews from Amazon, the largest online store in the world and a major cloud service provider. Some people think it's a good idea to use lotion when masturbating.
This is because having your hand rub against your genitalia for a long time is not a pleasant feeling. Listed below are the best lotions you can find on Amazon for masturbation.

Sliquid Silver Premium Silicone Lubricant

Sliquid Naturals Silver is a silicone lubricant that is made from pharmaceutical-grade silicone. It is Sliquid's Premium Formulation. It lasts a long time and is completely waterproof, making it the best choice for people who need a lubricant that will last.
Made of a highly concentrated mix of silicones from the pharmaceutical industry, Sliquid Naturals Silver lasts for hours with just a few drops and is easy to clean up with soap and water, except on some fabrics.
This lubricant is the best in my opinion. I have used most on market. Cleans off easy and seems to wash out of sheets and blankets no problem.- Raymond Mann
We have been using this brand for a few years and think it's very good. When I went to reorder a bottle I just assumed it would be the same size as before since the price was high. When it arrived and it was a little bottle, I had a bit of sticker shock. This little bottle will be easier to use, but at that price , we'll have to be careful not to waste any.- S. Maynard

Elbow Grease Original Lubricant Cream

This was the first all-American cream, made in 1979. This original cream, which is made with mineral oil, has changed the lives of men and women all over the world. The creams are great for solo stimulation, mutual masturbation, and many other kink activities that the user can think of. Elbow Grease Original is a safe, long-lasting, high-quality lubricant made to make your sensual experience even better.
Elbow Grease has got be the best of all that my husband and I have tried. I DO NOT like feeling super greasy or slippery, and this is definitely neither of those! However, all you need is a little bit! We did use too much on one occasion, and things got a little... well lets just say I definitely will not be doing that again. lol! This is a great product, cleans up easily, doesn't have any odor, and feels just right. Glad my husband found it!- Amazon user named "Manufacturing Engineer and Dad"
I have used lubes and jellies. This stuff is so great. It doesn't dry out during use and it is superb for getting those big toys into small places.- Jay

Wicked Sensual Care Wicked Crème Masturbation Cream

Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream was made just for men to give them the most satisfying pleasure, whether they are alone or with someone else. With a base of coconut oil, the nourishing cream melts into a smooth, silky liquid when your body heat does. Wicked has high standards for making lubricants, stimulating creams, and other products for intimacy.
This tube lasted me like 4 months. I use it daily just about and edge for hours. This is so much better then anything I have ever used and I have used MANY different products. Do not let the small tube fool you. Best part is no nasty leftover smell and it cleans up easily. Sometimes there will be a slight left over smell but its like a menthol smell or something.- Darth F.
I've used this product for a long time. It has no odor which is a big plus. It isn't oily so clean up is easy. It leaves your skin feeling soft. It doesn't get sticky during your session like other gels or oils do. It only takes a very small amount to lubricate which makes it more affordable. It lasts a long time so you don't need to stop and keep adding more cream and interrupting your fun session. Order it today and have fun.- Lane M.

People Also Ask

Can I Use Nivea Lotion For Masturbation?

Nivea lotion is a well-known product that people use to deeply moisturize and soothe their skin. Rich and moisturizing, Nivea lotion can be used on the face, hands, and body. But it's fine if you use this lotion while masturbating. But it's not the best choice if you want to use it as a lubricant for masturbation or sexual activity because it's very sticky.

Can I Use Aveeno Lotion For Masturbating?

No, because the skin on your penis is so thin that lotion can easily soak in and get into your bloodstream. Use a lubricant for sex, or use coconut oil if you don't have a lubricant. The majority of men never use anything.

Can I Use Saliva As Lubricant?

Saliva is not a lubricant! If you are using saliva as lubricant, it can make you more likely to get a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Saliva can spread any sexually transmitted disease (STD) that is in the mouth or throat to the genitals.

Final Thoughts

Your genital area is very sensitive, and some lotions can irritate it, which is not pleasant. Because of this, the best lotion for masturbation that we talked about is a good idea.
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