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Campaign Launched To Save Marcel Breuer's Holiday Home From Demolition


Marcel Breuer's architectural legacy includes iconic designs that have left an indelible mark on modern architecture. Among his notable works is a holiday home located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, known for its unique design and historical significance. Recently, a campaign launched to save Marcel Breuer's holiday home from demolition, recognizing its cultural importance and advocating for its preservation.

Designed by Marcel Breuer in 1962, the Cape Cod holiday home stands as a testament to his innovative design principles. Breuer, a leading figure of the Bauhaus movement, embraced functionalism and geometric forms, which are evident in this home's design.

The structure features a series of interconnected pavilions characterized by flat roofs, sharp angles, and extensive use of glass. This design approach seamlessly integrates the building with its natural surroundings, offering breathtaking views of the coastal landscape.

Despite its historical and architectural significance, Marcel Breuer's Cape Cod holiday home faces the imminent threat of demolition. The property's current owners intend to tear down the structure to make way for new development, sparking concern among preservationists, architects, and enthusiasts who recognize the importance of safeguarding this architectural masterpiece.

In response to this, a Campaign launched to save Marcel Breuer's holiday home from demolition. The campaign aims to garner support from the architectural community, local residents, and the general public to prevent the loss of this significant piece of architectural history.

COPYRIGHT_CAM: Published on https://www.commercialarchitecturemagazine.com/campaign-launched-to-save-marcel-breuers-holiday-home-from-demolition/ by George Evans on 2023-08-21T02:21:44.810Z

To save it from being demolished, the Cape Cod Modern House Trust has started a fundraising effort to gather $1.2 million to buy Marcel Breuer's vacation home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Non-profit The Hungarian-American architect created the home as his private vacation residence in the 1940s. The Cape Cod Modern House Trust is working to gather funds to buy the home from Tomas Breuer.

Architects and preservationists worldwide have rallied behind the campaign to save Marcel Breuer's Cape Cod holiday home. They emphasize the importance of preserving architectural landmarks that contribute to the cultural and historical fabric of a region. Breuer's design is celebrated for its forward-thinking concepts, which continue to influence modern architectural discourse.

The Cape Cod Modern House Trust wants to renovate the property and use it as a fellowship residence as well as a center for preservation.

The Cape Cod Modern House Trust wants to renovate the property and use it as a fellowship residence as well as a center for preservation.

Peter McMahon said:

In Europe, it would be listed and protected, but we have very weak laws in the US for the preservation of historic buildings. The Breuer house is not only an important piece of architecture, it was also a meeting place for many of the great designers and artists of the era including the Saarinen family, Florence Knoll, Alexander Calder, Walter Gropius and many others. We have a chance to save it from ruin and to make it a busy nexus of learning and creativity again.- Peter McMahon


Campaign launched to save Marcel Breuer's holiday home from demolition. The campaign to save Marcel Breuer's Cape Cod holiday home serves as a rallying call for architectural enthusiasts, preservationists, and the local community to come together in defense of an iconic piece of modern architectural history.

Through grassroots efforts, international awareness, and a shared commitment to preserving cultural treasures, the hope is that this architectural gem will be spared from demolition, allowing future generations to appreciate and learn from its enduring design legacy.

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