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Dezeen Awards Announces 2023 Judges

Dezeen awards announces 2023 judges. Dezeen Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes the best in architecture, interior design, and product design.

George Evans
Mar 21, 202334 Shares1178 Views
Dezeen awards announces 2023 judges. Dezeen Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes the best in architecture, interior design, and product design.
The judges named are Erwan Bouroullec, Kamna Malik, and Thom Mayne, all of whom are respected figures in the design industry. Carla Swickerath, Nacho Polo, Robert Onuska and Siân Sutherland are also included.
Erwan Bouroullec is a French designer who works with his brother Ronan. Together, they have designed furniture, lighting, and home accessories for some of the world's leading design brands. Their work is known for its elegant simplicity and use of natural materials.
Kamna Malik is an Indian architect who has worked on a variety of projects, including residential buildings, public spaces, and cultural institutions. She is known for her innovative approach to design and her commitment to sustainability.
Thom Mayne is an American architect and founder of the firm Morphosis. He has designed a wide range of buildings, from office towers to university buildings to museums. He is known for his experimental approach to design and his use of advanced technology and materials.
Carla Swickerath is an American architect who is known for her work on sustainable and socially responsible design projects. She is the founder of the architecture firm, Studio Carla Swickerath, which focuses on creating environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient buildings. Some of her notable projects include the Eco-Library in Cunha, Brazil, and the Center for Sustainable Landscapes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Siân Sutherland is a British entrepreneur who co-founded the beauty brand, Lush. Lush is known for its ethical and sustainable approach to beauty, with a focus on using natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients.
Sutherland is also a campaigner for sustainability and environmental issues, and has been recognized with numerous awards for her work, including the NatWest Everywoman Award and the Ethical Business Award.
Nacho Polo and Robert Onuska are both interior designers based in New York City. They are the founders of the interior design firm, Polo Onuska, which specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects.
Their work is known for its elegant and sophisticated style, which combines classic design elements with modern touches. Some of their notable projects include the Royalton Hotel in New York City and a private residence in London, England.
Dezeen Awards' mission is to celebrate innovative and creative design that makes a positive impact on society and the environment. The awards program is judged by a panel of experts in the design industry, who evaluate entries based on their originality, functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.
Overall, the article highlights the impressive credentials of the judges and emphasizes the importance of the Dezeen Awards in recognizing and promoting excellence in design.

Final Words

These individuals represent a diverse group of professionals from the fields of design, architecture, and entrepreneurship. Their work is characterized by a strong commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation.
From Erwan Bouroullec's minimalist approach to product design to Kamna Malik's focus on sustainable architectureand Siân Sutherland's ethical approach to beauty, these individuals are making significant contributions to their respective industries.
By recognizing and celebrating individuals like them, we can promote and encourage more responsible and sustainable practices in design, architecture, and other related fields.
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