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3 Most Compelling Feature Writing Examples


A feature article combines objective information with meticulously collected details to present a complete picture and tell a compelling tale. Feature stories are lengthy non-fiction pieces that go in-depth on just one subject.

News features, in-depth profiles, human interest tales, science communication, data storytelling, and other types of stories are some of the feature writing examples. For news outlets, especially those that prioritize long-form journalism, feature pieces are a common form of material.

What Is A Feature Article?

A feature article is a news report that includes more than just the facts; it also includes a fascinating narrative. A feature piece differs from a hard news story in that it provides readers with a comprehensive look into a particular topic, current event, or location. A strong feature story will hold the reader's interest from the beginning to the very end while providing a rich narrative and leaving a lasting impact.

Feature Writing Examples

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BBC News

Two kids were engulfed in flames when an apartment building in La Villeneuve, France, caught fire in the year 2020.

The situation became serious as the villagers watched, but eventually some locals came up with a plan: the kids would jump, and the locals would catch them.

In their interactive feature story, The Catch, the BBC described the happenings of that day and the tales of the brave citizens who rescued the children's lives.

The feature story is successful in immersing the reader in the unfolding events by using a combination of graphics, images, and interviews with those involved in the life-saving rescue.

The tale reveals an unsettling truth: immigrants were rescuing children just ten days after the French president demanded that some people who were born abroad lose their citizenship.

Hoover Institute

We as a society are enthralled by one another's cultures. Governments frequently take part in creating narratives about the appearance of those cultures.

The Hoover Institute's Women in Chinese Propaganda looks more closely at how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) portrayed women in the early years of its rule. The reader is thrust into the narrative the dictatorship told the world about how its women lived in the 1950s using a combination of pictures, historical information, and interactive features.

The main piece also discusses how marriage was portrayed in the CCP's early years and the connections between propaganda and cultural creations like plays and operas.

NBC News

The federal government of America implemented redlining regulations in the 1930s, which separated Black and white individuals with regard to homeownership.

Detroit continues to be one of the most segregated cities in the nation despite the Supreme Court's 1948 decision that racial bias in deed restrictions was prohibited. NBC News used photographs and video to illustrate the problem of segregation in contemporary Detroit in order to deliver this significant story.

This feature piece is interesting to read because it incorporates facts, images, video, and interviews with residents who grew up in segregated communities.

Tips For Writing A Captivating Feature Article

Do your homework. Feature stories require more than just literal information and sensory elements; they also require proof. For your own feature piece, quotes, anecdotes, and interviews are all helpful sources of information.

You can make your narrative more vivid and intriguing by hearing the perspectives or memories of witnesses, family members, or anybody else who could fill in any gaps or missing details. This will make your story feel more three-dimensional.

Use a striking headline. The success of feature stories depends on the author's ability to keep the reader's interest throughout the entire work, but one of the more difficult tasks is piqueing the reader's interest enough to read the tale in the first place. Since your title will be the first thing readers will see, it must be powerful or pose a question that they will want your piece to address.

Open with intrigue. The first paragraph is where you hook readers for the rest of the content if your title succeeded in grabbing their attention. Your initial few sentences should pique the reader's interest and create suspense by setting up the query or supposition as to why this particular news event is important to pay attention to.

Connect the dots. It's okay to make the feature story format your own even though the feature news writing style is similarly structured to short story fiction. You're probably producing an engaging feature piece if the facts flow naturally with your story and provide a series of scenes linked by an emotional arc.

Your feature article should explain why this individual deserves to be discussed and why the reader should care about them, even while creating a personality profile. Each component of your story should have a specific function, establishing the scene for your readers and delivering the essential ideas in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Make sure it pays off. The reader should believe that there is a purpose to everything if you are going to spend time creating a suspenseful setup for them and working hard to obtain facts and information from reliable sources.

Your feature article's main body should address queries, offer detailed details, and include the payoffs the reader has been anticipating. Even if the issue in real life has no finish, your work must have a satisfying ending that makes your viewers feel as though they have been told the entire narrative.

People Also Ask

How Do You Write A Feature Writing?

  • Investigate a subject or issue of current concern.
  • adheres to narratorial rules (i.e. There is a plot, complication, and conclusion)
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Combine data and opinion
  • Give your perspective on the subject or problem
  • includes appealing elements

What Is Feature Writing Format?

A feature article follows a typical framework, just like any other type of writing. A feature article should always have a headline, introduction, major body, and conclusion, although the exact format may depend on your topic.

What Makes Good Feature Writing?

A good feature story typically has a compelling plot and a compelling opening that draws readers in and entices them to keep reading.

Final Thought

We hope this article helps you learn more about feature writing examples! Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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