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These Beautiful And Magnificent Green Walls Welcome Restaurant Guests


Green walls turn plain walls into vertical gardens and can be built indoors or outdoors, attached to an existing wall, or standing alone. Green walls welcome restaurant guests restaurants, with more warmth and increase their sales.

Dave MacKenzie, the president of Hortech, Inc. in Spring Lake, Michigan, and LiveWall, its environmentally friendly green wall subsidiary, says that indoor green walls welcome restaurant guests and improve the quality of the air inside.

“Indoor green walls make interior spaces more appealing and relaxing and improve indoor air quality,” the article says.

Green Walls Architecture

In 2015, we saw the opening of Brome Burgers & Shakes. Brome's is gaining a loyal following because it serves food that is responsibly sourced, creatively made, undeniably good, and cheap.

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Sam Abbas, the founder of Brome Burgers & Shakes, declared:

We are all about sustainability, green living, wholesome food, and self-awareness about the environmental impact of our choices. We want everyone who visits our restaurant to experience the core values of our brand in every aspect of our operations.- Sam Abbas (the founder of Brome Burgers & Shakes)

Green wall at Brome Burgers And Shakes restaurant
Green wall at Brome Burgers And Shakes restaurant

The location of the restaurant demonstrates Brome's dedication. Abbas decided to renovate a corner structure that was built as a retail space.

Every decision we made about the project reflects our responsibility to the environment. We hope to inspire our customers, suppliers, contractors and competitors to appreciate the values that inspire us and express them in the ways they live, do business, cultivate food, and enjoy it.- Sam Abbas

Greenery Wall Panels

The installation has two portions, each 16 feet long and 9 feet 10 inches high, for a total area of 309 square feet. Six different tropical plants, chosen because they do well indoors, are mixed together and grow on the wall.

The plant palette includes Tradescantia Red, Pothos, and Epimedium.

Some Other Restaurants With Magnificent Green Walls

Goldie's, California USA

Want to provide your clients a comfortable setting where they can catch up over a few drinks and a snack? With their stunning outdoor exhibit, Goldie's has perfectly captured the laid-back ambiance. Together, the variety of textures, vivid green hues, and a cheeky dash of lavender produce a striking living collage.

The green wall system from GrowUp is made specifically to maximize the impact of beautiful green walls. The honeycomb pot design minimizes unsightly gaps between plants and gives you a lush appearance right away by acting like pixels on a screen.

Two women sitting next to a green wall in Goldie's restaurant
Two women sitting next to a green wall in Goldie's restaurant

Edulis, Madrid Spain

A green wall doesn't have to be a complex piece of art to be provocative. The green wall's lighting creates a dynamic display of highlights and shadows, demonstrating how easy it is to make your vertical garden the focal point of a space.

People adore the straightforward design of Edulis' living wall and the way that it has been so artfully paired with earthy hues and textures to create a lovely eating space.

Beautiful ambiance of Edulis restaurant with green wall
Beautiful ambiance of Edulis restaurant with green wall

People Also Ask

What Is The Purpose Of The Green Wall?

A living wall encourages biodiversity in the city while also purifying the air and lowering ambient temperatures. Construction that is climate-proof includes living walls. In addition, people are happier in green spaces than in gray ones.

What Is The Green Wall And How Does It Work?

Vertical structures known as "green walls" have various plant species or other sorts of greenery affixed to them. A soil, stone, or water-based growing medium is frequently used to establish vegetation. The walls typically have irrigation systems built into them since they contain real plants.

How Do You Start A Green Wall?

  • Locate the ideal location.
  • Clean up the surfaces.
  • You should fix your vertical planters.
  • Pick out your plants.
  • Please pot your plants.
  • Put the pots with the plants within the compartments.
  • Irrigation and upkeep.


Green walls welcome restaurant guests at Brome Burgers & Shakes, which was finished in June 2015. The green wall gave life to a sizable, empty wall space that would have otherwise only been painted or wallpapered.

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