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HVAC & Plumbing Products - MagnaClean DualXP Magnetic Filter System


MagnaClean DualXP magnetic filter for hydronic-system installations, one of the best HVAC & plumbing products, is a dual-chambered filter with two magnetic rods said to capture and eliminate almost all of the suspended iron-oxide sludge circulation in a system.

The double chambers also house four non-magnetic capture zones for larger circulating debris. Filter installation does not block or restrict flow, and pressure drop is said to be minimal.

This MagnaClean DualXP magnetic filter, one of the HVAC & plumbing products, has:

  • Integral flow diverters ensure 360-deg.
  • Distribution for uniform flow around magnets.
  • Rotating filter connections allow customizable installation.
  • Designed for 1 1/2-in. copper and NPT iron pipework, applications for the unit include light commercial facilities.


COPYRIGHT_CAM: Published on https://www.commercialarchitecturemagazine.com/hvac-and-plumbing-products/ by George Evans on 2022-10-13T12:38:19.321Z

This magnetic filtration device is one of the best HVAC & plumbing products. The unit incorporates a three-in-one multi-tool, designed to remove the drain valve, air vent, and lid assembly.

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