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India's Udaan Park Is Crowned By Studio Saar With A Colorful Bird Canopy


The India's Udaan Park is crowned by Studio Saar with a colorful bird canopy. The practice of architecture A deteriorating and underutilized park in India was given new life by Studio Saar in the form of an accessible landscape and a canopy designed to resemble a murmuration.

Udaan Park, which is situated in Udaipur on the banks of the manmade Swaroop Sagar Lake, has recently undergone renovations in order to improve its relationship to the environment and water that are found in the surrounding area as well as to make it more accessible and inclusive.

In order to revitalize the region, Studio Saar redesigned its environment and included new features such as a maze, games area, and vast planting. A vibrant canopy covers one of its pathways and makes a reference to the migrating birds that are known to pass through the region in vast numbers.

Through the regeneration of the park, we wanted to introduce a sustainable, accessible and contemporary design that inspires the citizens of Udaipur to rediscover their sense of wonder and reconnect with nature.- Ananya Singhal, Managing Partner

The rocky and uneven park used to be in poor condition and had limited access that did not need the use of steps; as a result, there were very few people who went there, despite the fact that it is one of the only publicly accessible open places in the city.

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It had been neglected over the years and had become very run down. Some interventions were made in the past, with rubble masonry steps and pathways that crisscrossed through the site, but it was not an attractive place for people to come to relax and discover the local wildlife.- Ananya Singhal

Working with the natural topography of Udaan Park, the firm designed a succession of stepped and sloped spaces that descend the land with the intention of connecting the roadway at the park's highest point to the lake at its lowest point.

We reimagined the lost community park as a sequence of interactive landscapes from the street down to the lake that acts as a natural transition zone and encourages exploration and adventure.- Ananya Singhal

The walkways that were formerly there have been demolished, and leftover cement has been utilized to construct terraced landscapes and a level patch of ground below the canopy. The remainder of the leftover cement was put to use in the construction of a maze that was accessible to those using wheelchairs.

Studio Saar has revamped Udaan Park in India
Studio Saar has revamped Udaan Park in India

The maze was lined with recycled tires obtained from the location. In addition to being flanked by floral plants and therapeutic herbs, the maze may be found at the entrance to the location.

In other places, repurposed tires are turned into planters and various types of playground apparatus, such as swings and tunnels. In the children's play area that is located to the north of the site, swing ropes that are constructed from recycled saree fabrics are also included.

Additionally, obsolete steel reinforcing bars have been reused as gates and fences at the site. A flat pathway stands below the colorful canopy that is supported by blue-steel structures and is located in a lower portion of Udaan Park that is beyond the stepwise arrangement of walls and curving walkways.

The awning, which was designed to replicate the starling murmurations that frequent the location, contains 34,000 life-sized birds made of recyclable plastic that provide shade to the sitting and play area beneath. The canopy has a variety of vivid colors inspired by traditional Indian color palettes and earthy tones.

Final Words

A diverse mix of local vegetation was established over the levels of Udaan Park to benefit local animals. A soft planting area with drought-resistant grass and newly planted trees has been added to the lakeshore, contributing to the creation of a tranquil nature-filled location where visitors may enjoy views of the lake.

Udaan has a wide variety of characterful spaces, linked by the sensual aromas, colours and textures of locally sourced plants chosen for their ability to withstand the harsh climate while helping support and expand the habitat for the bird communities on site.- Ananya Singhal

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