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Piero Lissoni Announces The Opening Of A New Architectural Studio In New York


Piero Lissoni announces the opening of a new architectural studio in New York. Renowned Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni has recently announced a groundbreaking collaboration with a prestigious American architecture office, marking an exciting venture that promises to push the boundaries of architectural design and innovation.

With an impressive portfolio spanning across various disciplines, Lissoni's partnership with this prominent American firm is expected to result in groundbreaking projects that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

As he announces the formal inauguration of Lissoni Architecture in New York City, Italian designer Piero Lissoni claims that American clientele are becoming increasingly willing to spend in detail-oriented architecture.

Following accreditation by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in New York, Lissoni announced the establishment of Lissoni Architecture, which will provide "360-degree" services.

Lissoni, who has run the interiors company Lissoni Inc in the city for the past eight years, expressed excitement at the prospect of "finally" signing his name to architecture projects in the nation.

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The move is motivated by what he perceives as shifting demands among American clientele, who are shifting away from architecture as only an investment and toward a greater preoccupation with beauty.

He said:

In the US people have been less open-minded, compared to the rest of the world.- Lissoni

He noted projects such as the in-progress New York buildings by UK design firm Foster + Partners as examples of more detail-oriented projects being commissioned in the nation.

According to Lissoni, the accreditation will enable his studio to be regarded more seriously and manage all parts of the project. Lissoni's studio will be able to produce and manage architectural projects in the state of New York as a result of the license.

When asked why he selected New York to establish his architecture firm in the United States, the designer stated that "New York is America" to him.

An aerial view of New York
An aerial view of New York

Lissoni also expressed interest in potentially expanding to other states, such as Texas, adding that the company is considering designing in Austin.

Under the guidance of Lissoni New York CEO Stefano Giussani, the studio will add a number of new personnel to round out the practice in the following months.

Giussani stated that both adaptive reuse projects and new construction will be on the agenda, and that eight years of operating Lissoni's SoHo office has prepared the firm for working in the city.

Giussani also stated that the country's concentration on buildings as assets remains essentially unchanged, but that American clientele are changing the way they invest.

Lissoni stated that the studio will begin small and function as a "concierge" studio. He said:

We are like an ant, compared to massive practices like Gensler. But a special ant.- Lissoni

Lissoni is well-known around the globe for his work in the fields of architecture and furniture. In 1986, he and Nicoletta Canesi established the design firm Lissoni & Partners in Italy. In the year 2020, he presented plans for a hypothetical skyscraper that would be located in New York City and would function as a "self-sufficient garden city."

Final Words

The collaboration between Piero Lissoni and the prominent American architecture office holds tremendous promise for the world of design and architecture. By combining their respective expertise, this partnership seeks to redefine architectural excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the global design scene

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