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Travis Scott Intends To Study Architecture At Harvard

After a career in music, Travis Scott intends to study architecture at Harvard. Renowned rapper and cultural icon Travis Scott has recently made headlines with an unexpected announcement about his post-music career plans.

Author:George EvansMay 29, 2023
After a career in music, Travis Scott intends to study architectureat Harvard. Renowned rapper and cultural icon Travis Scott has recently made headlines with an unexpected announcement about his post-music career plans.
While known for his chart-topping hits and high-energy performances, Scott has expressed a keen interest in pursuing a different passion which is architecture. According to reports, the multi-talented artist intends to enroll in Harvard University's prestigious architecture program once he concludes his music career.
This surprising revelation has sparked curiosity and excitement among fans and industry observers alike, eager to see how Scott's creative talents may manifest in the realm of architectural design.
Scott explained:
Architecture is my true passion. I plan to apply to the architecture program at Harvard GSD when I’m done with music, which won’t be for a while. It would be dope to do both at the same time.- Travis Scott
Back in the latter half of 2018, Scott was given the opportunity to offer a lecture at Harvard University, where he taught a Master Class on Creativity to a total of five hundred students.After completing his career in music, Travis Scott intends to attend Harvard University to get a degree in architecture.
We wanted our attendees to engage with a creative who defies the labels placed upon them and could speak to the journey of staying true to one’s vision. With his creation of ASTROWORLD, Travis Scott has done just that,- No Label
the organizing group No Label said at the time.
A student told Complex of the beneficial experience:
For me personally, the biggest takeaway from Travis’ talk is this: Creativity and inspiration always comes from one’s life experiences. To maximize creativity you must actually live life to the fullest—not behind a screen. You need to be somewhat fearless and not afraid to take risks. Push yourself to be innovative, but at the same time be true to your vision.- Anonymous

A Creative Journey

Travis Scott, born Jacques Webster II, has long been recognized as a boundary-pushing artist, renowned for his innovative sound, mesmerizing visuals, and unparalleled stage presence.
Over the years, he has established himself as a driving force in the music industry, consistently pushing the envelope with his genre-blending approach and captivating performances.
However, Scott's creative journey extends beyond music. The rapper has often showcased an artistic eye and an interest in visual aesthetics throughout his career. From his album covers to his meticulously crafted live shows, he has demonstrated a keen attention to detail and a passion for creating immersive experiences.

A Passion For Architecture

While it may come as a surprise to some, Travis Scott's interest in architecture is not entirely out of the blue. In interviews, he has mentioned his fascination with the built environment, citing architecture as a source of inspiration for his creative process.
He has expressed admiration for architects such as Frank Gehry and Le Corbusier, whose innovative designs have left a lasting impact on the world.
Scott's passion for architecture extends beyond a casual interest. Sources close to the rapper reveal that he has been exploring the subject for years, engaging with architectural concepts and studying notable structures around the world during his global tours.
This ongoing curiosity has reportedly led him to the decision of pursuing a formal education in the field.

Final Words

Scott reportedly sang Utopia before a game for his favorite Houston Astros last week, and the album is expected to be released on streaming platforms in June, according to Epic Records CEO Sylvia Rhone.
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