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RIBA's House Of The Year Honors British 20 Finest New Homes Of 2023


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) annually celebrates architectural excellence through its prestigious House of the Year award. This award recognizes and honors the finest new homes in Britain that showcase outstanding design, innovation, and creativity. RIBA's House of the Year honors British 20 finest new homes of 2023.

The event serves as a platform to celebrate the architects, designers, and homeowners who contribute to shaping the contemporary residential landscape in the UK. The competition honors the best in British domestic design, and among the 20 houses on the longlist are one that was constructed from the ruins of a cowshed and another that has its very own man-made lake.

Cuddymoss by Ann Nisbet Studio
Cuddymoss by Ann Nisbet Studio

The David Kohn Architects-designed Cowshed is situated at Middle Rocombe Farm in secluded Devon. Niall McLaughlin Architects' glass pavilion and Studio Weave's timber-clad cottage addition are also included in the RIBA list. The list also includes the renovation of a former garage by Satish Jassal Architects and a converted pub by Erbar Mattes. (Whole list is given below.)

RIBA's House of the Year honors British 20 finest new homes of 2023. It highlights the longlist of nominees and the significance of the award in recognizing Britain's best new homes.

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RIBA provides a diverse collection of residential projects that demonstrate a wide range of architectural styles, techniques, and concepts. From urban residences to countryside retreats, these homes exemplify the innovation and creativity that define modern British architecture.

The longlist selection process involves a rigorous evaluation by a panel of expert judges, comprising architects and industry professionals. The judges assess each entry based on criteria such as design quality, innovation, sustainability, and the relationship between the home and its context. This careful consideration ensures that only the most exceptional homes make it to the list of nominees.

The award not only recognizes architectural excellence but also highlights the role of residential design in shaping people's lives and experiences. The winning homes often become inspirations for future projects, setting new benchmarks for creativity and innovation in residential architecture.

The House of the Year award also underscores the importance of housing design in addressing contemporary challenges, such as sustainability, adaptability, and community integration. Many of the nominated homes demonstrate innovative approaches to energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and creating spaces that can evolve with changing lifestyles.

Saltmarsh House, designed by Niall McLaughlin Architects
Saltmarsh House, designed by Niall McLaughlin Architects

The RIBA House of the Year award ceremony brings together architects, designers, homeowners, and enthusiasts to celebrate the architectural achievements of the nominees and the winner. The award serves as a platform for sharing ideas, fostering dialogue, and recognizing the contributions of architects to the built environment.

The whole list includes:

  • Middle Avenue by Rural Office.
  • Rhossili House by Maich Swift Architects.
  • Riverview by Mole Architects.
  • Saltmarsh by Niall McLaughlin Architects.
  • Southwark Brick House by Satish Jassal Architects.
  • Spruce House by Ao-ft.
  • Threefold House by Knox Bhavan Architects.
  • Godwit House by MawsonKerr Architects.
  • Green House by Hayhurst and Co.
  • Hidden House by Hall + Bednarcyzk Architects.
  • House in Hove by Farshid Moussavi Architecture.
  • Hundred Acre Woodby Denizen Works.
  • Island House by Miya Ushida Architects.
  • Made of Sand by Studio Weave.
  • Blackbird by Hamish Herford and Nicholas Lyons.
  • Blockmakers Arms by Erbar Mattes.
  • Cove Ridge by Coffey Architects.
  • Cowshed by David Kohn Architects.
  • Cuddymoss by Ann Nisbet Studio.
  • Forest Road SNUG home by Ecomotive for HomeMade.

The longlist of 20 residences featured will be whittled down to a shortlist in the upcoming weeks and months. Later on in the year, the ultimate winner will finally be made public.


RIBA's House of the Year honors British 20 finest new homes of 2023. The RIBA House of the Year award is a prestigious recognition that celebrates the best new homes in Britain.

The award showcases the diversity of architectural styles, innovative design concepts, and commitment to sustainability within the realm of residential architecture. By honoring exceptional homes, the award not only recognizes architectural excellence but also contributes to the evolution of residential design and its impact on people's lives.

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